WTP Audit

Guarantee compliance with national and community goals for public health protection, meeting quality standards for water intended for human consumption and promoting higher efficiency levels.


  • Development of a differentiated service for the identification and solving of problems, focusing on appropriate solutions to the needs of each customer, enhancing existing systems and adopting innovative technologies that are easy to implement.



A multidisciplinary approach that includes several complementary aspects such as the source of the wastewater, the treatment goals, energy and reagent consumption, the results of analytical and microbiological control, dimensional and infrastructure analysis, automation and control as well as the assessment of the implemented operation and maintenance.

Benefits for the Customer


   Increase the treatment efficiency of facilities;

   Compliance with legislation;

   Increased energy efficiency;

   Optimisation of operational and analytical control of the plant

   Rational consumption of reagents;

   Optimisation of sludge production.

Process Sequence

   1. Diagnostic laboratory tests;

   2. Hydraulic and dimensional assessment;

   3. Energy analysis;

   4. Automation and control;

   5. Maintenance and condition of infrastructure;

   6. Technical and economic performance indicators.

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