Water Safety Plan (WSP)

Support the Utilities in the preparation and implementation of Water Safety Plans with the objective of guaranteeing safe water, by reducing the risk inherent to the supply system


  • Implementation of risk assessment and management methodology.

  • Support platform for WSP development.

  • Technical support to the evaluation of risk mitigation measures.

  • Positively contributes to Sustainable Development Goal #6 Safe Water and Sanitation



The recommended methodology, adapted from the WHO and the EN 15975-2 standard, supports the development of the WSP of the Concessions that integrate the AQUAPOR Group. It has been available to the market outside the group since 2017.


Population Covered by WSP

1 211 802 Inhab.


13 Downstream – 1 Upstream

Total Volume Supplied

264 566 m3/day

Brief Description of the Solution

   The methodology proposed by Luságua systematically addresses the supply systems, from the origin or delivery point to the point of consumption.
   It gives its customers in-depth knowledge of the weaknesses of their systems and the investment needs required to mitigate the associated risks.
   The individualisation of the implementation of control measures allows an unequivocal correspondence between the risk identified and the associated measure, respective action limits and warning.

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