Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Solutions

Define the most technically and economically advantageous solutions for the construction and rehabilitation of treatment infrastructures.


  • Municipal or industrial wastewater treatment solutions adjusted to the customers’ needs
  • Guaranteed compliance with discharge and/or reuse requirements in force
  • Possibility of Luságua investment under a Design-Build-Operate-Transfer system


Luságua, with extensive operations throughout the country and a vast technical team, assesses the specificity of each customer, adapting existing treatment solutions or proposing the construction of new facilities. Of note in this regard is the Logowines WWTP, in the industrial component


   Circular economy;
   Value creation;


   Compliance with discharge permits;
   Resources optimisation;
   Monitoring of processes.


   Solutions that enhance the creation of value for the customer are favoured, whenever possible, whether by reusing treated wastewater, recovering essential nutrients, recycling sludge or maximising the production of electricity from biogas.

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