Videoscopy of Water Branch Lines

Reduce the water loss rate by identifying fraudulent consumption by customers with supply contracts.


  • Easy-to-use and non-destructive method using a Videoscope
  • Backoffice evaluation
  • “In situ” evaluation
  • Identification of pipelines in poor condition


This method was implemented in the Group in 2011 and applied to various types of customers with different types of installations. The results obtained in all of them have been very positive with the identification of many unlawful situations

Start of Activity

November 2011

Inspections Performed

10661 Inspections

Infringements Detected

249 Infringements

Types of Infringements Detected

   T-connection – This is the most common type of infringement and one of the easiest to detect.  The supply pipe to the meter cannot have any other derivation, and must therefore be direct to the meter.
   “Punctured” connection – Small hole in the pipe through which another pipe is built to supply as much of the house area as desired.

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