Remote Management and Automation

Guarantee the Continuity and Quality of Service of the Water Supply and Treatment Systems, monitoring and optimising the processes and reducing the respective operating costs.


  • Acquisition of field information, through instrumentation and sensors.
  • Automatic control of the facilities, through a local PLC.
  • Supervision and control (SCADA) of the monitored systems.
  • Provision of information in a secure and standardised manner to third party systems



Main utilities: Águas do Centro Litoral (AdCL), Águas do Norte (AdN), AGERE, Águas da Figueira, Águas do Planalto, AdRA, Águas de Cascais, Águas de Azambuja, Águas de São João, Águas de Gondomar, Espinho Municipal Council, Lousã Municipal Council, Mangualde Municipal Council, S.M. Penaguião Municipal Council, Penamacor Municipal Council, Logowines.

Start of Activity

January 2016

Systems Implemented

20 Systems


16 Utilities

Brief description of the solution

   Supervision of all the facilities that make up a system, through a resilient, secure and reliable industrial communications network (TCP-IP), aggregating all the information from the field to the SCADA, including flow information for billing.
   This method was implemented in the Group in 2016 and applied to various types of customers with different types of installations (Supply and Treatment). A reduction in operating costs and an increase in service quality was registered in all of them, reducing downtime due to unscheduled events, with evident customer satisfaction.

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