Reduction of Water Losses

Support the Utilities of the Supply Services in the Design and Implementation of Plans for the Management and Reduction of Water Losses.


  • Differentiated and integrated approach to the management and reduction of water losses
  • Implementation of a robust methodology for the quantification of real and apparent water losses
  • Flow monitoring and prioritisation of critical areas
  • Planning and implementation of actions to reduce water losses, based on estimated efficiency gains
  • Capacity building and training of Utilities


Methodology applied in the AQUAPOR Group’s concessions since 2014 and in several customers of different sizes.
With the assertive identification of the origin of water losses and quantification of their magnitude, the implemented actions have allowed water losses to be reduced and consequently increased the water efficiency of the systems


Phase 1 – Diagnosis

   Characterisation of the system;
   Evaluation system;
   Scale and origin of water losses;
   Identification of priority areas.

Phase 2 – Planning

   Definition of objectives for water losses reduction;
   Planning and prioritisation of actions in each of the inefficiency components (real and apparent losses).

Phase 3 – Implementation

   Implementation of the planned actions.
   Follow-up of the plan implementation and monitoring of efficiency gains.

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