Reduction of Improper Inflows

Support the Utilities of the Treatment Services in the Design and Implementation of Plans for the Management and Reduction of Improper Inflows.



  • Differentiated and integrated approach to the management of improper inflows
  • Implementation of a robust methodology for quantification of excess volumes
  • Monitoring of flows and prioritisation of drainage basins
  • Definition and implementation of actions to reduce improper inflows
  • Capacity building and training of Utilities



  • Methodology applied in the AQUAPOR Group’s Concessions since 2014 and in several customers with different sizes.
  • With the assertive identification of the improper inflows and quantification of their magnitude, the implemented actions have allowed improper inflows to the systems to be reduced
  • Provision of services for the determination and Control of Improper Inflows in the Águas do Tejo Atlântico networks.

Phase 1 – Diagnosis

   Characterisation of the system;
   Evaluation system;
   Scale and origin of improper inflows;
   Identification of drainage basins

Phase 2 – Monitoring

   Monitoring of flows;
   Inspection of critical components of the system (CCTV in collectors, inspection of manholes);
   Scale and origin of improper inflows;
   Smoke tests;
   Building inspections.

Phase 3 – Corrective Actions

   Definition of the corrective action programme with investment planning for the rehabilitation/renovation of infrastructures and installation of control solutions.

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