Infrastructure Operation Plans

Promote the organisation of the activities and training of our Customers' teams with the best market practices in the operation of facilities of the urban water cycle.


  • Consultancy for the definition and implementation of operation, maintenance and analytical control plans, based on procedures resulting from the extensive experience of Luságua and the multidisciplinary nature of its teams
  • Training of Operational Teams



Luságua has been operating urban water cycle facilities as a service provider since 1987, with planning of operation and maintenance activities being an intrinsic need.

Benefits for the Customer

The size and technical expertise of LUSÁGUA gives its customers the confidence that training and implementation of procedures will be applied quickly and efficiently, as the processes are already duly optimised in the company as the result of several years of experience.

Brief Description of the Solution

   Guaranteed organisation, definition and implementation of routines, plans, circuits and records, supported by structured procedures, instructions and models.
    Training of teams in the plans drawn up (operation, maintenance and analytical control) in order to increase their performance and guarantee compliance with technical requirements.

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