Infrastructure Asset Management

Promote the organisation of the activities and training of our Customers' teams with the best market practices in the operation of facilities of the urban water cycle.


Specialised consultancy to support the preparation and implementation of Infrastructure Asset Management Plans (IAMP), aimed at:

  • the promotion of the infrastructural and economic-financial sustainability of the Utilities
  • improvement of the quality of the service;
  • the involvement of engineering, information and management skills
  • the balance between performance, cost and risk in infrastructure management;
  • the articulation and alignment between three levels of decision: strategic, tactical and operational



Methodology applied in the AQUAPOR Group’s Concessions since 2014 and in several customers with different sizes.


Strategic Level


   Evaluation system;
   Formulation of strategies for implementation at the tactical level.

Tactical Level

(3-5 years)

   Evaluation system (aligned with the strategic level);
   Diagnosis by area of analysis;
   Formulation of tactics for implementation at the operational level;

Operational Level


   Evaluation system (aligned with the tactical level);
   Definition, planning and monitoring of the implementation of activities.

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