Harnessing WWTP Biogas

Raise the potential for reducing treatment plant operating costs by using biogas as fuel in cogeneration units.


  • Design and implement anaerobic digestion treatment systems in collaboration with our partners in the market;
  • Exploit sludge digestion and cogeneration systems in order to optimise biogas production.



DeSome of the Wastewater Treatment Plants with cogeneration units operated by Luságua as a service provider are Parada WWTP, Choupal WWTP, Espinho WWTP, Salgueiro WWTP, among others.

Benefits for the Customer

   Optimisation of the anaerobic digestion process;
   Maximization of biogas production
   Electric and thermal energy production in cogeneration equipment
   Reduction of the energy bill of the facility

Brief Description of the Solution

   Biogas is a gaseous mixture composed essentially of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), produced through digestion.
   Biogas has a high energy potential, and can be used as a fuel in units for the combined production of thermal and electrical energy.

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