Innovative Projects

Participation in ground-breaking projects is one of the pivotal points of the Luságua innovation strategy. In this sense, we provide resources and staff supporting Portuguese institutions and participating in the development of innovating projects in the field of environmental protection and resource management.

Project objectives

The FOG Digest project aims to carry out a trial on an industrial scale, demonstrating the technical and economic viability of an anaerobic digestion reactor with innovative features./p>

The IASBfor the treatment of industrial effluents with high concentrations of fats, especially long-chain volatile fatty acids, transforming what is an operational problem, in a conventional digestion system, into an asset for the production of biogas – the fats.

Project objectives

In a circular economy context, this trial aims to demonstrate the enhancement of biogas production capacity from an effluent rich in fats, quantifying the economic value of the same, as well as the viability of the investment, compared to what are usually the operating costs and channelling the by-products of the treatment of these effluents to the final destination.

TThe test itself intends to answer 3 questions of an operational nature, which were identified as crucial in tests previously carried out with the pilot plant.

Promoting Consortium

The promoting consortium is composed of Luságua and University of Minho – R&Di centre responsible for the scientific development of the technology – in partnership with Beira Lamego, a livestock (pig) slaughtering and meat processing plant, where Luságua is responsible for operating the effluent treatment plant.

Co-financed projects

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Projects co-financed by Compete 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Regional Development Fund



Reference institution in the granting of incentives to promote competitiveness and internationalisation, promoting consolidation.



This is the PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT adopted between Portugal and the Commission, which brings together the actions of the five European Structural and Investment Funds



The ERDF aims to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union by addressing imbalances between regions.


Tests Conducted

3 operational issues, crucial in tests previously carried out with the pilot installation

Inflow of Effluent

Adaptation of the treatment process to start-up under conditions of intermittent inflow.

Biogas Quality

Characterisation of the quality and volume of biogas produced and its correlation with the operating regime of the plant.


Monitoring protocol of the critical operation parameters. Fine tuning and maximisation of biogas production.

The project

project designation – FOGdigest – Activation of the IASB reactor pilot unit;

Beneficiary- LUSÁGUA – SERVIÇOS AMBIENTAIS, S.A. / University of Minho;

Main objective – To reinforce research, technological development and innovation;

Project code
– POCI-01-0247-FEDER-017679;

Intervention region – North Portugal

Approval date- 30/08/2016

Start date – 01/12/2016

Completion Date – 24/05/2018

Total eligible cost – EUR 285,308.75

European Union financial support – ERDF EUR 157,690.78

Project phases

  • Caracterização do Afluente;
  • Adaptação da Unidade Piloto;
  • Ensaio piloto e Afinação do Protocolo de Ensaio;
  • Desseminação dos Resultados.

University of Minho – Production and application of alternative adsorbents for the removal of drugs from urban and industrial wastewater”

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