Product: Neptune - Network Performance Management






NEPTUNE is a tool with the aim of streamlining and simplifying the implementation process of the intrinsic method to reduce water losses, based on the real-time monitoring of anomalies in the water supply systems, their classification and the generation of events that trigger a downstream workflow for their resolution.





The tool is in the deployment phase in the concessionaire companies of the AQUAPOR Group and it has the following key features:




The application was developed with the aim of detecting the following types of events:


  • Water leaks in the network
  • Burst water mains
  • Abnormal consumption by large consumers
  • Abnormal inflow rates in the Measurement and Control Zones (ZMC)
  • Abnormal network pressures
  • Abnormal water levels in reservoirs
  • Detection of anomalies in measuring equipment
  • Detection of anomalies in transfer equipment





The proposed tool is web-based and there is no need to install components in devices. It has personnel, identified and unlimited access and various levels of access and permissions (administrator, user, etc.).



Product Manager

Sara Carriço |