Product: Gestão de Caudais Indevidos




The Commitment


Support and build the capacity of the utilities managing wastewater collection and treatment systems to implement an improper flow management programme (GCI). The intention is to improve the efficiency and operation of the system under its management, ensuring that available resources are used optimally to provide a good quality service.




Management of improper flows


The implementation of a GCI program is based on the adoption of consolidated approaches in Aquapor | Luságua and analysis tools developed for this purpose, which allow quantification of surplus flows, the definition of an operational strategy and implementation of measures to minimise them.


GCI is supported on a methodology of control, measurement and monitoring of system operating conditions, ensuring the identification of the source of improper flow, the critical points of the system and a diagnosis of their operation, with a view to planning and carrying out actions that will lead to the solution of the identified anomalies.


Luságua offers its customers a differentiated and integrated approach to the management of improper flows, focused on a robust methodology to quantify and resolve anomalies, adapted to the needs of each customer.



Our approach to the problem




Process of implementation



Product Manager

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