Product: Auditorias a Sistemas de Tratamento




The Commitment


Support the utilities managing water and wastewater treatment systems in the public and industrial sectors, to identify opportunities for the improvement of existing treatment systems. This is done via a comprehensive approach that not only values the efficiency of treatment but also energy efficiency, the reduction of operating costs and reuse of treated water.



Technical Audit 


The technical auditing of WTP and WWTP is based on the vast experience of Luságua technicians. It involves an in-depth analysis of the implemented treatment system. It intends to identify inefficiencies and improvement opportunities that will result in the creation of value for the customer.


 The multidisciplinary approach of Luságua to the customer’s facility includes several complementary aspects such as the source of the water and wastewater, the treatment goals, energy and reagent consumption, the results of analytical and microbiological control, dimensional and infrastructure analysis, automation and control as well as the assessment of the implemented operation and maintenance.


Luságua offers its customers, through the audit, a differentiated service for the identification and solving of problems, focusing on providing appropriate solutions to the needs of each customer, enhancing existing systems and adopting innovative technologies easy to implement.



Our Approach



"We are not great for what we do alone, but for what our customers can do with our support"



Audit Process


Product Manager

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