Product: AQUAman




GGM Maintenance


Special attention on the maintenance of equipment and facilities is a mandatory component for competitiveness in the industrial and public market. Luságua has an integrated equipment and facilities maintenance system that is strongly geared for the needs of industry and public infrastructure.



What is AQUAman?


AQUAman is a tool for maintenance management in which its architecture allows users to interact with software on any machine without the need to install any type of programme, thus giving it total mobility that can be accessed on fixed or portable terminals.



What does AQUAman do?


AQUAman aims to facilitate and optimise the customer's maintenance management. It is software wholly developed in Portugal taking advantage of the possibility to be completely adaptable to needs.



How can AQUAman be implemented?


AQUAman is a support tool for maintenance tasks in a full service, which covers all phases of the maintenance management process, from the identification of the equipment to the implementation of the respective maintenance procedures.




Product Manager

Ivo Braga |