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go.WATER Platform


The complexity of the operation and management of water supply (WS) and wastewater (WW) systems imply the description, analysis and modelling of infrastructure and collaborative processes to support planning, management of uses and users, coordination with partners and support for asset management, risk assessment and risk management in the context of water safety.


The WebGIS collaborative platform for the registration and management of water supply (WS) and wastewater (WW) systems (go.WATER) implemented in CLOUD permits the description, analysis, operation and maintenance by utilities, as well as agile communication with all users, management and their private partners.




 The go.WATER platform includes the following features:


  1. differentiate and manage responsibilities and internal users permissions (administrators, editors and technicians) and external users in multi-user environment;
  2. capture, management and publication of data collected for and during the preparation of WS and WW registration and contextual data according to data model recommended by ERSAR / LNEC;
  3. viewing, orientation, navigation, measuring and design, as well as digital editing and development of graphical output according to pre-defined layouts;
  4. online data editing including on mobile technologies for the update and validation of master data and contextual data (online and offline);
  5. simple and complex spatial, thematic and temporal queries and analysis of the composition, structure, function and evolution of WS and WW networks;
  6. support of the monitoring of systems / networks with the registration, generation and reporting of indicators in accordance with the requests and ERSAR Technical Guidelines, relevant or metric indicators and analysis routines at the level of Water Safety Plans (PSA), asset management, management of events / incidents and work orders;
  7. enable sharing by services or import / export of data between systems and users, including the integration with operational management systems of the utility (e.g. CRM and ERP or billing and licensing.) and expert models;
  8. support strategic planning, asset management and operational decision-action on WS and WW systems by technical officers and policy makers;
  9. inform, raise awareness and communicate with the people, communities or users of the WS and WW networks in the formation of work networks and knowledge.





Geographic databases transformed and validated in accordance with the principles and annexes of the INSPIRE Directive;

Protocols and tools for the collection and management of new data;

Computer applications and protocols for data management / processing;

Geographic Information System / geoportal transformed and validated in accordance with the principles and annexes of the INSPIRE Directive;

Data query, analysis, publication and reporting applications / features;

Geowebservices and API with other applications and computer systems;

Inventorying / registration, reporting and collaboration application;

Technical manuals and documentation;

Initiatives to build the capacity of the various human resources;

Project communication and presentation actions;

Maintenance and sustainability deployment and planning.






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