Product: Manutenção Preventiva e Corretiva




Overall Maintenance Management


Luságua has an integrated asset maintenance system that is strongly geared to the needs of industry.

The main objective of Asset Management is the desired level of service, reducing the cost and risk of renovation, repair or replacement, guaranteeing performance.



The overall management of maintenance has the following benefits for an innovative solution:


  • Flexibility and scalability;
  • Interconnection facility with other systems;
  • More efficient planning;
  • Optimisation of resources and performance indicators;
  • Easy access to information



The GGM solution is responsible for all operating assets management:


  • Registration of all work orders;
  • Assignment of work orders to the operational teams;
  • Full management of the lifecycle of Work Orders;
  • Definition of preventive maintenance plans for all assets;
  • It has the additional operating specifications of the assets;
  • Reflects a structure of functional locations of the systems;
  • Dynamic analysis of information;
  • Definition and harmonisation of work plans for specific work;
  • Harmonisation of problem / causes / solutions identification codes.



The success of an application is built by sound implementation and adaptation to the customer needs, this is one of the most important pillars of the GGM solution.




Product Manager

Ivo Braga |




 Diptych Overall Maintenance Management