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Collection of municipal solid waste


The collection of municipal waste can be unsorted or selective.


It is unsorted when there is no form of selection in its collection (general refuse).


It is selective when the waste is collected already separated according to the type of waste and final destination. It can be routed to various destinations after collection, such as landfills, incineration or waste recovery and treatment facilities.


Some rules to follow for correct disposal:

  • Place refuse in the container, in a tightly closed plastic bag;
  • Do not throw refuse on the floor;
  • Always close the container lid;
  • Do not dispose of the waste from cleaning your garden, construction debris, scrap metal, home appliances, batteries and accumulators in the refuse container. Ask your operator or service of your municipality to access specific services for the collection of most of these type of waste



Our commitment


LUSÁGUA provides waste management and transportation services to companies and municipalities as well as urban cleaning services, using a fleet of modern and diversified equipment and highly specialised teams.



The main services include:

  • Collection and final disposal of municipal waste;
  • Collection and final disposal of industrial waste;
  • Collection and final disposal of WTP and WWTP sludge;
  • Urban cleaning;
  • Beach cleaning;
  • Washing street furniture;
  • Maintenance and washing of containers;
  • Supply and rental of containers;
  • Audits and optimisation of urban cleaning and collection systems.



Product Manager

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