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Operational Mobility


AQUAfield, developed by AQUASIS, is an operational management support tool for the registration, planning and management of work orders (OT), implemented in the maintenance and operation fields of water and sanitation networks.

A partnership was established between Águas do Sado and the AQUAPOR / Luságua Group for its conception and design, so that the solution might answer operational issues that the companies face in the daily operation of their systems.





  • Full coverage of the operational flow (opening, planning, performance, validation and closing of work orders);
  • Registration and planning of work orders and their allocation to the operational teams;
  • On-site description of the work order;
  • Permanent and daily update of the physical register;
  • Reserving material from the site of the intervention;
  • Generation of preventive maintenance;
  • Integration with customer management system and ERP (financial management software);
  • Definition of optimised closing of gate valves.





  • PC desktop - Opening, planning, management and analysis of work orders and all the related material and human resources;
  • Tablet PC - Location, notes, description, network analysis, valve closures management, equipment management, human and material resources;
  • PDA - Opening and management of work orders and the assigned teams.


AQUAfield provides a tool for the planning and management of work orders. This includes:


  • Prior description of the work order in the opening phase;
  • Time planning of the human and material resources (planned work);
  • Description of the work order according to its priority;
  • Supervision of the current situation (actual versus planned);
  • Viewing of work orders according to established priorities and their status;
  • Validation of the work order and the information collected.



The use of AQUAfield by personnel on-call enables:


  • The exact location, using GPS, of the incident site;
  • Optimised water shut-offs (definition of areas of interruption in the field), and the evaluation of the operating condition of the valves;
  • Assessment of the number of customers affected by the interruption and communication to the customer system of the expected duration of the interruption;
  • Real-time viewing of the customer's situation;
  • Requisitioning material from the warehouse, for restocking vehicles, minimising waiting times;
  • Household meter data collection, registration and pavements.





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