Product: Modelação de Sistemas de Tratamento




The Commitment


Support the utilities of waste and industrial water treatment systems, from the design phase of the sewage treatment plant to their operational phase. In addition, anticipating the performance of systems in view of a number of actual conditions or the simulation of alternative operating conditions.




Dynamic modelling of sewage treatment systems


The dynamic simulation models of treatment processes are based on a set of mathematical equations, as well as kinetic and stoichiometric parameters that simulate the biological activity throughout the process in question.


The dynamic simulation models are, from the initial project phase, a highly important decision making tool. They permit the prediction of the performance of the facility in various situations such as adverse load or inflow conditions, or even the existence of operationally offline units (due to fault or for maintenance reasons). The analysis of the simulation results may determine, in the design phase, the implementation of preventive measures or the choice of different treatment solutions.


Modelling allows the optimisation of the operation of facilities at the start-up and operating phase, minimising operating costs as well as equating different possibilities to solve real operational problems.


The calibration of the simulation model with full operational data provides results with a high degree of confidence, providing a valuable decision support tool.



Our Approach


Luságua uses BioWin software as a support for the dynamic modelling of wastewater treatment systems, using suitably trained technicians to ensure the needs of each customer are met.


The Luságua approach comprises close collaboration with the customer, in order to exhaustively describe the system to model. It ensures the results obtained have a high degree of reliability and robustness.



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