Product: Auditorias Energéticas









Luságua has technicians with extensive experience in the water and energy sector, who are skilled in the execution of qualified energy audits.


An energy audit is a detailed study on energy use conditions in the facility, using the measurements necessary for the collection of data to calculate the energy losses of the major energy consumers, determine the measures required to reduce these losses and for the energy optimisation of the facility. The energy audit also envisages the analysis of the energy flow of the facility and the identification of potential endogenous energy and respective revenue generation from harnessing such.


We have technicians qualified to:

  • Perform audits complying with SGCIE – Decree-Law No. 71/2008 and Decree-Law No. 68-A/2015
  • Training, implementation and internal audit ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems



Product Manager

Tiago Parente |