Product: Gestão de Tarifários Energéticos






The liberalisation of the energy market and increased competition has led to a considerable increase in the available contractual options, a fact that has motivated growing market monitoring and continuous analysis of the best strategies to adopt in negotiating electricity contracts.


With a team dedicated to this process, the management and trading of electricity contracts involves maximising the conditions which favour trading on the demand side (client), such as:

  • Analysis of the evolution of market prices;
  • Maximising the energy volume to buy;
  • Consultation of all market players;
  • Consultation of various contractual options (fixed, indexed, etc.).



We carried out a market consultation for more than 700 facilities in 2016, representing more than 50 GWh of annual consumption. Based on this we signed 18 contracts pegged to the daily energy market. We ensure these contracts are monitored and managed on a monthly basis.



Product Manager

Tiago Parente |