Product: Gestão Patrimonial de Infraestruturas




The Commitment


Support the utilities managing supply and sanitation services in the development and implementation of an Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM) Plan, based on a multidimensional analysis which aims, above all, at the prevalence of service in addition to the service life of the components that individually constitute the systems.





The broad activity of the Aquapor | Luságua group in the water supply and sanitation services field has consolidated the approach to implementation of Infrastructure Asset Management Plans. Intrinsic knowledge of the activity is transposed to the methodology used by Luságua – which stems from the participation of the group in the iGPI program of LNEC in 2013 – from the utility’s perspective, focused on the perpetuation of the service and gaining efficiencies resulting from the implementation of the IAM plan.





The methodology proposed in the implementation of the IAM plan includes an overview of the supply and sanitation systems, which is embodied in a set of sub-plans at three implementation levels: strategic, tactical and operational level. These levels will be used to narrow down the analysis and identify the critical components for the operation of the referred systems.



Product Manager

Sara Carriço |