Product: Telemetria




Telemetry is the solution par excellence that allows the utility to continuously monitor their volumes of water



Telemetry aims at the:

  • Integration of multiple sources of information in a single database;
  • Presentation of the water adducted in the system;
  • Integration of information on the consumption of the users;
  • Performing water balance sheets by Measurement and Control Zones;
  • Analysis of consumption profiles of end users and detection of any non-conformities;
  • Leak detection, through the monitoring of integrated data;
  • Ability to provide information to users;
  • Providing notifications and alarms of the system to the end user.


The cross-cutting nature of the information between all the facets of the utilities, in a transparent relationship with the end users, promotes the involvement of all and a relationship of trust that allows increased efficiency by creating synergies.




Product Manager

Jorge Figueiredo |