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AQUAPERFORMANCE ensures the integration of elements of the annual cycle management, and their appropriate articulation (objectives and indicators) for each organisational unit, according to a philosophy of Organisation alignment, based on the strategic planning. It allows companies to ensure that all their staff and employees are working synchronously, guaranteed by regular monitoring of their goals, projects, activities and tasks. It is then possible to check and correct any deviations in good time.


This system is intended to ensure monitoring of results over time and make a comparative analysis with the established goals, projects and activities, allowing action to be taken in the event of deviations. Furthermore, the situations of changing goals, organisation and people throughout the cycle have to be safeguarded.


 Another situation no less important relates to the data, which should be reliable, have integrity and be auditable. Many of the data supply processes will have to be reviewed and automated.


 The whole cycle of assessment of organisational units, management and employees is fully integrated, electronically supported in an optimal manner to ensure adequate support and reporting.


 These applications supported on Microsoft technology meet the best market practices in functional and technological terms.





  • Definition of the Balanced Scorecard

The following analysis parameters can be used for the definition and evaluation of an organisation's performance strategy, which will be monitored annually based on the follow-up of the operational goals aligned with the strategy:




  • The Operational Implementation of the Strategy

The operational implementation of an organisation's Strategy allows alignment with the Objectives from the top, for which performance indicators and respective targets are defined. A Scorecard is generated for each Organisational Unit. The operational objectives set for the organisation come as a result of the defined multi-year strategic objectives, and therefore can and should be aligned with the strategic objectives. The metrics can be measured manually, or their value is automatically calculated from the data or system variables.


As the data is loaded, the organisation's assessment reports and those of its organisational units are automatically updated. This information is always available for viewing and can be exported.



  • Perspectives, Strategic Objectives and Weights

Based on four perspectives that reflect the corporate vision and strategy, normally:




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