Product: Plano de Segurança da Água



The Commitment


Support the utilities in the supply of safe water, in compliance with legislative criteria and service levels set by the regulator and contribute to greater acceptance by the consumer of water from the public supply network, through the implementation of Water Safety Plans.



Warter Safety Plan


The Water Safety Plan is the guarantee, par excellence, to the final consumer of the quality of the water supplied through a distribution system.


It is built on a careful and comprehensive risk assessment and is implemented through preventive measures for identified risks or, wherever possible, ways to minimise them.


It is a complete tool, cutting across the activity of the utilities, giving rise to procedures, communication protocols, resource management and emergency planning.


The Water Safety Plans are a strong ally in the relationship between utilities and consumers, confirming the safety of the water supplied and contributing to greater acceptance of water for public consumption by the general public.



Luságua Model



"We are not great for what we do alone, but for what our customers can do with our support"


The process of implementation



Implementation support tool


Luságua, to support the implementation of PSA, developed a platform - AquaControl - through which the utility controls all the stages of implementation of the PSA through a layout that allows it to acquire a top-down view of the same. It is therefore an agile tool for decision support in terms of water quality and safety.



Product Manager

Cláudia Guerreiro |




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