Become a Partner

The companies of the AQUAPOR / LUSÁGUA Group, with their own culture, have known how to choose a winning path and we intend to maintain this culture through the assumption of our main values.

Why enter a partnership with Luságua?

We believe that establishing close partnerships with industrial and commercial clients, offering a flexible service of integrated infrastructure management, is the right way to obtain the added value inherent to infrastructure management.


The establishment of partnerships withuniversities
, research centers
and suppliers is a key element of what differentiated solutions Luságua has to offer the market.


Since 2014, Luságua has been entering into partnerships since 2014, particularly in terms of software development and the development and implementation of water and wastewater treatment solutions.


Because together we grow more, we always have a door open to innovation, favouring Portuguese institutions and the knowledge they generate.

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Claudia Guerreiro Head of Projects & Innovation