Integrated Waste Management



The planning that AQUAPOR / LUSÁGUA will carry out for the management of the waste generated during the activities encompassed by hydraulic-sanitary infrastructure or municipal solid waste collection and urban cleaning services management, includes the following tasks:


Identification of the waste produced (in accordance with the European Waste List - EWL);

Determination of the source and quantity of waste;

Computerised management of the quantitative and qualitative data associated with carrying out the service;

Planning, management and optimisation of the service implementation circuits;

Packaging, transportation and end disposal of the waste.



Energy recovery


Luságua - Serviços Ambientais, S.A. currently operates various WWTP which harness the biogas to heat up sludge and generate energy.

Current mean energy production is 7500kW/day.


Sludge composting


At the Parada Maia WWTP, Luságua - Serviços Ambientais, S.A. operates a composting system for the agricultural use of the sludge produced by the WWTP. This is a pioneering system in Portugal. The compost produced is sold by Maia Municipal Services under the brand name of AGRONAT.




Recovery of a by-product of the treatment process;

Enrichment of the physical-chemical and microbiological properties of soils;

100% natural fertiliser.



AQUAPOR / LUSÁGUA contributes to the development of integrated waste management solutions, which can be summarised as follows:




It is to be highlighted that LUSÁGUA holds a licence to perform the carriage of goods by road for hire on routes within Portuguese territory. This permits the constant optimisation of the Waste Management Plan and releases it from any dependence on subcontractors.