Integrated Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Policy

To implement quality waste collection services, using innovative processes and methodologies

that contribute to meeting the targets of the waste sector.

LUSÁGUA – Serviços Ambientais, S.A

Luságua – Serviços Ambientais, S.A. is a public limited company founded on 9 June 2006. It has been, since 1987, through the then LUSÁGUA – Gestão de Águas, S.A., one of the main players in the market for the provision of services in the Management and Operation of water supply and wastewater sanitation systems, working directly with public and industrial entities.

Our Business Activity

LUSÁGUA, to consolidate its position in the market, specialised beyond its services in the area of Urban Water Cycle Management and extended its scope of activity to Integrated Waste Management and Energy Resource Management, thus enabling it to offer a wide range of environmental solutions to its customers.

Value creation in LUSÁGUA is related to the operations it must carry out to ensure the service which is the purpose of its main activity. Essential in this process are the support and primary activities for carrying out the service. The performance of these activities creates value and, consequently, return on investment.

Value Chain

The value chain represents a model for analysing service differentiation on the supply and demand side, and its redefinition enables another focus to be achieved.

  • Consolidation of the sustainable development position
  • Capacity to provide integrated services
  • Strengthening the R&D&I effort with knowledge sharing
  • Benefit from knowledge, to operate in all water and waste cycles
  • Commercial synergies across the value chain


Accordingly, it believes it is fundamental to integrate the aspects of quality, environmental, safety and health management into an umbrella management approach, which makes it easier to pursue the objective of sustainable development in the economic, financial, technical, social and environmental areas.

Similarly, we are committed to comply with the legislation applying to our activities, as well as all other requirements we have taken on, including regulatory and contractual rules.

Service Blueprint

In our service provision we always focus on the three elements that directly affect the “Service Blueprint”: Customers, experience and, finally, the operation of the service through our employees.

Customers - The focus of our attention

  • Guarantee a diverse range of products and services which correspond to the real needs of the market, through the continuous promotion of training, research and investment;
  • Establish individual relationships with each Customer, by understanding their needs and developing tailor-made solutions;
  • Continuously improve the quality levels of the services provided to the Customer, while ensuring their economic sustainability;
  • Provide constant assistance to the Customer, supporting them in their management and promoting the planning and implementation of the necessary investments;
  • Present solutions that exceed the Customer’s expectations and that translate into clear advantages for the Customer, even if the proposals presented do not fall within the direct scope of the service provision;
  • Promote the internal communication of the company and also communication with Customers, Consumers and Suppliers as a means of improving the efficiency of the activities undertaken;
  • Disclosure of the Quality, Environment and Safety Policy to all Employees and make it available to Customers, Consumers, Suppliers and the Community in general.

Better environment, better quality of life, better quality of service

  • Strictly comply with the legislation applicable to its activity, as well as all other requirements assumed, namely regulatory and contractual rules;

  • Take steps to promote the protection of the environment, namely the efficient use of resources, to minimise and appropriately manage waste and prevent pollution;

  • Acknowledge the sensitive nature of the environment and the need to protect water resources, steering the activities so as to minimise the respective impact, namely by accompanying technological progress and applying principles for the protection of the environment at all stages of the business;

  • Define objectives and targets in these areas, in the context of the company’s strategy, plan initiatives conducive to their performance and measure, and evaluate the results obtained.

Human Resources – Professional Development, Qualification and Skills

  • LUSÁGUA, as a company providing services in the environmental area, is aware that its most valuable asset are the human resources it has and the capacity of these to respond positively to the challenges it faces. The very survival and growth of the company depends on its ability to master technological developments. The company’s policy with regard to human resources is based on the following points:
  • Engage all employees in the ongoing improvement of their activities, fostering focus on the Customer with a view to complying with their requirements and other legal requirements;
  • Provide Employees with a safe working environment that contributes to the prevention of injuries and health problems;
  • Set objectives for improving health and safety conditions at work, in an ongoing commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce risks;
  • Involve and make all Employees aware of issues associated with Safety and Health at work, namely by consulting them on related subjects;
  • Involve the Employee in a constant philosophy of professional and technical training, which allows an appropriate response, both personal and from the company, to new challenges associated with new technologies, as well as the motivation and technical competence necessary for the performance of duties.

    Eco Friendly

    A LUSÁGUA is a socially and environmentally responsible organisation. Its commitment to the continuous improvement of its activities, products and services, as well as its environmental performance and the safety of people and property results from its functions of value creation, Customer and Consumer satisfaction and contribution to the quality of life of the population.

    Value Chain

    • Consolidation of the sustainable development position;
    • Capacity to provide integrated services;
    • Strengthening the R&D&I effort with knowledge sharing;
    • Benefit from knowledge, to operate in all water and waste cycles;
    • Commercial synergies across the value chain.

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