COVID-19: for the continuity of essential services

11 April, 2021 - 3:52 PM | News

Portugal and the world, as everyone knows, are facing a pandemic, which is a real individual and community challenge of responsibility and common sense. All our action must therefore comply with the guidelines of the health authorities. Only in this way will we be able to adopt the best prevention practices, containing the spread of the new coronavirus. Our mission is to contribute, in a responsible way, so that all fundamental activities for public health are kept working, even if there are some exterior constraints, to ensure we find the best solutions.

Luságua, in line with the recommendations of the competent authorities, has implemented the following measures:

– Drafting and activation of a Contingency Plan;

– Distribution of information on individual behaviour to be adopted, as well as the good practices to follow in this type of situation;

– Implementation of teleworking for all employees who are able to do so;

– Restriction on travelling abroad.

Each employee’s contribution is fundamental to the overall results, as is always the case in health and safety. Luságua is counting on everyone so that we can overcome this challenge together. With prevention, with responses, if necessary, and in an informed manner. We recall that, in times of counter-information and disinformation, it is essential to pay attention to the communication made by health authorities without listening to rumours. Our articulation effort will be constant and we will keep all employees informed.

We are present in over 70 municipalities and serve over 2.5 million people. The work we do every day is fundamental to fighting the pandemic we are facing. Reducing the risks is in our hands and in our behaviour.

We remain available to reply to any questions on any matter


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