Cleaning, extraction and dehydration of sludge generated by the Jales Mine Effluent Treatment

11 April, 2021 - 3:21 PM | News

The following testimony was collected in relation to the work carried out for Geosin –International to clean a pond of the mining sector using TenCate Geotube® sludge dewatering technology:

“The mining sector, namely that of inactive mines in Portugal, despite being extremely demanding in its standards and ensuring strict compliance with environmental legal limits, continues to generate waste that deserves continuous monitoring and periodic action. It was for one of these periodic activities of Cleaning, extraction and dehydration of sludge generated by the treatment of effluents in the existing Jales Mine  Mine that Luságua was contracted to carry out a work of excellence by applying the TenCate Geotube® sludge dehydration technology in an exemplary, efficient and unashamedly innovative way to carry out the work through new methods. We are proud that Luságua was hired, and proud of its managers and teams for their availability and performance, individually and as a group, both in the primary evaluation of the work and in the planning and performance of the service. They surprised us with the way they exemplarily dealt with the difficulties faced and the implicit innovation required for the performance of the work.”

Geosin –International, Filinto Oliveira, CEO

This service was a real challenge, both due to the lack of resources available on site (electricity and water) and the geographical conditions. It was possible to execute it successfully, with commitment and creativity.


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