Product: AquaControl




AquaControl Software


The Aquacontrol Software is developed to meet the needs of the utilities, regarding the development and implementation of Water Safety Plans.


The Aquacontrol - Water Safety Platform is more than just software, it is a water safety plan development platform. The autonomous nature introduced by the multi-platform environment, allows it to be used by users from PC or Tablet, supporting risk assessment and giving decision-making support - in normal and emergency situations and whenever necessary.


The dashboard is designed to be the first PSA manager / user interface, presenting the most relevant features that support an overview of the system and the level of risk taken on by the utility. It becomes a PSA command centre in terms of decision-making at relevant moments for the operational implementation and planning of the activities.






The overview of the level of risk taken on, combined with the prioritisation of the highest risk systems and ongoing events, gives the team of the utility an integrated view of the supply system, making Aquacontrol a fundamental tool in guaranteeing the quality of the water supplied in normal and emergency situations.



Product Manager

Cláudia Guerreiro |