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The commitment


Support the utilities in the dimensioning, design, implementation and operation of environmentally conscious and responsible sludge recovery solutions. The intention is to apply organic fraction recovery technologies to the waste generating a final product with high added value and easy application. It is intended to reduce the associated environmental impact and operating costs in sludge management, promoting reuse and recycling of the by-products and waste generated.



Sludge recovery


The evaluation of sludge recovery solutions aims to add value to the by-products and waste generated in the production process, adopting environmentally sustainable techniques and technologies for its reuse or recycling. The intention is to select, implement and operate controllable solutions for correct waste management.


The multidisciplinary approach of Luságua to the customer’s facility encompasses various aspects for analysis and diagnosis. Luságua offers its customers, after collecting and analysing the information, a differentiated service in the selection, dimensioning, design and implementation of environmentally sustainable solutions, focused on providing solutions tailored to the needs of each customer.


Luságua is in a position to add operation and advisory services to the solutions proposed, based on the vast experience of its technical and operational staff. This service ensures the effective application of best practices, supported on high quality standards.



 Our approach

  • Recognition and analysis of production processes;
  • Laboratory and diagnostic tests;
  • Assessment of Solutions and Technologies;
  • Dimensioning and Design;
  • Implementation and operation.



"We are not great for what we do alone, but for what our customers can do with our support"



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