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The commitment


Support the utilities of water and industrial water treatment systems to improve sewage treatment facilities, maximising efficiency, the available physical space and energy consumption through innovative and robust solutions.



Membrane sewage treatment systems


Membrane systems are advanced sewage treatment solutions that may be defined at the design phase, during the conception of the facility or at a later stage, in order to rehabilitate the facility to provide new operating conditions or where there is the need for increased treatment capacity.


The high quality of the sewage produced by these systems and the possibility of reuse of treated water are important factors in choosing this type of treatment systems.


The types of membrane treatment systems, polymer or ceramic, have different levels of treatment and specific associated advantages which should always be considered in the specific context of their use and potential downstream water use.


They are compact modular systems that allow savings, both in terms of civil construction, by minimising the WWTP footprint area, and in terms of reagent consumption and consequent sludge production.



Our approach


Luságua, as a company with extensive experience in the management of the urban water cycle and specifically in the design and operation of water and sewage treatment systems offers its customers an integrated approach in the management of treatment systems. It assume as a basic premise the optimisation of the existing facilities and adequacy of the solutions offered for the specific needs of its customers.



The establishment of technological partnerships allows Luságua to offer its customers an extensive range of options in terms of membrane systems suitable for the treatment requirements of each specific sewage.



Our range:


  • Robust systems;
  • Compact systems;
  • Reliable systems;
  • High quality systems.


"We are not great for what we do alone, but for what our customers can do with our support"



Product Manager

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